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    Colors and materials for the Chamäleon Israel sailing industry

    We are at Chamäleon markets a variety of products and materials to the boating industry.

    There are a great variety of vessels and among them the more familiar are the boats, ships, motorcycles and sailboats.  What they have in common is that they are in water most of the time.

    It is important that vessels are in fresh or salt water and this mainly affects the materials with which they are painted and protected.

    A vessel that is in the water all year long or rifle, is exposed to many damages including weather, temperature changes and damage to the sun rays and in addition to accumulating green, seaweed and other things to the bottom of the vessel which slows the sailing rate and even causes incremental damage over time.Therefore, every vessel needs periodic maintenance and maintenance if you want to maintain the vessel that will also sail at the same speed and will maintain over time.

    There are quite a few types of colors and materials designed to maintain our craft and include:

    renewable paint

    Paint technology in layers of the bottom of the ship, as long as the ship or boat in the boating mode the paint is eroded and self-renewed, this is made possible by the use of paint on the basis of 2 materials with several layers of paint, each time a layer of paint is worn and thus the bottom is protected.

    Hard paint

    Paint in a special compound that releases active material that prevents algae and green sticking, the hole is active as long as the vessel is in the water and therefore not suitable for vessels that do not stay in the water most of the time.

    Abrasion paint

    A special color that is eroded during movement, which means the more traffic and the faster the color, the more erosion is, the erosion is that the erosion reveals a new color layer and such exposure actually renews the protection against clinging and green regeneration.

    Peeling paint

    Color of inferior, soft color suitable for vessels found in places where there is a significant gap between low tide and pointing is made between these 2 cycles.

    Epoxy paint

    Combined color copper components that prevent the development and accumulation of algae. The advantage is its strength and durability but over time the efficiency decreases and it is difficult to remove it for repainting which is a disadvantage.

    Teflon paint

    Mainly designed for fast and smooth bottom The main use is for racing boats, usually this type of paint does not provide any protection against algae and green.

    Chamäleon manufactures and markets a variety of painting and sealing solutions to the cruise industry and more. We are at Chamäleon Israel markets the highest quality equipment and products in Israel, a quality that Germans can produce.