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    Colors and materials for the automobile industry from Chamäleon Israel

    We are at Chamäleon Israel markets a variety of products and materials for the automotive bodywork industry.

    Today the variety of vehicles that fill the roads is huge, the different types of vehicles allow different tasks to be performed. Today vehicles are powered by state-of-the-art engines, made up of technologies that combine robots, crash tests and a variety of accident protection systems.

    A common feature of all vehicles is the colors and materials that surround the vehicle, some for noise prevention, some for insulation and scratch protection, and more.

    You can divide into 3 main categories the variety of materials intended for the automotive industry, Climate and weather Of the most common damages, the weather is the most obvious.

    Even a vehicle that does not travel and stands in its place all day is still damaged by the weather. For example, when the vehicle is under the sun high frequency, the tin warming creates stains that are mostly permanent and non-removable.

    Acids and chemicals Many damages to the finish and the color of the car are not necessarily caused by an accident or heavy hail, bird tripping or spraying of chemicals and even coffee that is spilled on the car body is oxidized, this oxidation damages the finish of the car which leads to non-aesthetic stains.

    Beating and scratching An accident or even a car paint scratch, as small as a big one can be the beginning of corrosion (rust) that spreads and damages both the paint and the metal body of the vehicle. Failure to scratch can result in a state of decay in the body of the vehicle. The paint used to paint the vehicles must be resistant to mechanical and chemical effects and at the same time easy to clean. The color of the vehicle is more familiar and makes its owners love it more.

    Chamäleon manufactures and markets a variety of painting and sealing solutions throughout the world for the automotive industry and more. We are at Chamäleon Israel markets the highest quality equipment and products in Israel, a quality that Germans can produce.