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    Colors and materials for the Chamäleon Israel Aviation industry

    The world of aviation never ceases to evolve and with it the various technologies that accompany each aircraft are evolving.

    Developments are reflected in the technology and safety to the visual visibility of the aircraft.

    The world of aircraft is divided into 3 main categories:


    To keep up with technology requires knowledge and professionalism, and the aviation world is a never-ending world, from the Wright Brothers era, which has become a reality to the launch of a spacecraft on the moon. Technology will rise and fall.


    conjunction with the technology that allows light weight lifting to the air and the test like a lightweight bird is a safety issue, the aircraft flying 500 – 600 people is committed to the highest security level. The safety and security of flying an airplane is a prerequisite for the flight to take place safely and smoothly and without incident.


    Along with the technology and safety aspects, the visibility of the aircraft is equally important. The colors distinguish the planes and classify them. Poor markings associate the planes with the country they belong to and the group of planes. The paint used to paint the aircraft must be resistant to mechanical and chemical effects and at the same time easy to clean. When passengers board aircraft with clean, tidy surfaces, overall visibility improves security.

    Chamäleon manufactures and markets a variety of paint and sealing solutions to the aviation industry and more.

    We are at Chamäleon Israel markets the highest quality equipment and products in Israel, a quality that Germans can produce.